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Jacob Field-Gibson - Chair of Youth Advisory Board


Having been at the heart of Politika since its infancy, Jacob served as Politika's Managing Director from late 2019 until he and Piers formed the Politika Youth Advisory Board.


Through this, Jacob has organised a number of 'In Conversation' events, whilst throughout retaining a focus on strengthening youth political education and the impact of education reform on mental health - a topic he has spoken on in the past.

Jacob is also a penultimate-year History and Politics student at Durham University, where he is responsible for the external relations of the university's oldest and largest society.

Freddie Coughlin


Freddie is 18 years old and on a gap year between school and university. This year he  completed an internship working in Government and Public Affairs for Enterprise, the US car rental company. He joined the board for two main reasons, first, to increase engagement of young people in politics, and second, to work alongside other young people, dedicated to impact positive change. He is going to be focussed on the content creation side developing Politika’s podcast. 


The area of policy he is most interested in is affordable and

sustainable transport.

Kofi Frimpong


Kofi currently works in communications for local government. He has an MA in Law from the University of Law and a Bachelors in Classical and Ancient Studies. On the youth advisory board he will be focusing on social media and policy development. 

Millie Huckins


Millie is an English student at the University of Exeter with a drive to learn more about our political system in the UK. She will be working on communications aiming to educate and promote the policy papers the Youth Board generates.


Who are we? 

As the RADIX Youth Wing we aim to engage young people with politics through tangible output by providing a platform for Policy Papers, Opinion Articles and Events with the long-term mission of increasing youth voter turnout and electoral participation.


Recent Activity 

Piers Birmingham - Founder and Politika Chair

RADIX Big Tent Board-member 

Frustrated with the lack of cross-party opportunities to engage with politics, Piers founded Politika at the age of 16 to provide a platform for young people to develop practical solutions to the issues that affect young people the most. In August 2022, he co-authored a policy paper aiming to modernise GCSEs. 

In January 2023 Piers helped form the Politika Youth Advisory Board which aims to accelerate the potential of young leaders and support Radix Big Tent in achieving its core objectives. 

Outside of Politika, Piers is a final-year Business Management student at the University of Exeter with experience working in consulting and space-tech venture capital.


We are a youth-led, cross-party non-profit organization to achieve a better world for young people by encouraging political engagement and change through policy


Collaboration, Pragmatism, Diversity and putting the opportunities of young people first 


For youth turnout in elections to match those of the oldest generation by providing a platform for young people to create political content and host pragmatic policy debate to stimulate positive ideas for change makers

Mia Terra St-Hill


Mia Terra joined Politika’s Youth Advisory Board to empower the voices of young people and ensure their perspectives are included in the policy-making process. She will be focusing on policy papers at Radix, with her policy interests being strengthening UK democracy and the engagement of young voters. Mia Terra graduated from the University of Exeter in 2022 with a first-class Politics & International Relations degree. She now works for an award-winning social mobility charity as an Alumni Coordinator.

Nile White


Nile is a final year International Baccalaureate student who next year will study English and Beginner's Italian at University. On the youth advisory board, Nile will be working on policy development.

Hannah Burwell


Hannah is a 2nd Year Law student at the University of Exeter, her focus is on communications. 

Stephen Finlayson


Stephen Finlayson is a final-year History student at the University of Exeter. He has experience ranging from working on prison policy at the Ministry of Justice to representing state-schooled students as President of the 93% Club. As part of his position on the board, He will be looking to develop his skills in researching and writing policy papers. 

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