Piers Birmingham - Founder & Chair 

RADIX Board-member 

Piers Birmingham is the Founder and Chair of Politika. 

Frustrated with the lack of youth-led organizations to engage his peers with politics, he founded Politika Ltd at the age of 16 in early 2018 and has grown it into a team of over 50 students across the country from all backgrounds and political leanings.

In the Summer of 2019, he worked for the Big Tent Ideas Festival to champion cross-party cooperation and ideas to tackle challenges both in the UK and around the world.  

Piers is enthusiastic about youth political engagement, constructive cross-party dialogue, and the future evolution of capitalism. He currently studies Business and Management at the University of Exeter.

Jake Field-Gibson - Managing Director 

Jake Field-Gibson is the Managing Director of Politika.

Since joining the organization in its infancy, Jake has worked his way up, and after serving as the organization’s Content Director, he became Managing Director of Politika in late 2019, shortly before it joined with Radix.

During this time, Jake has led a sizeable team of young people and has worked to organize a number of ‘In Conversation events with politicians.

Jake’s main focus is on strengthening youth political engagement and finding solutions to involve young people in political decision-making so that their voices are heard.

After a year of studying History and Politics at the University of Glasgow, Jake will be moving to study Liberal Arts at Durham University.

Dave Olsen - Operations Director 

Dave Olsen is a student reading Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Oxford. He is passionate about information and political literacy, environmental and social justice, and minority rights. As Operations Director of Politika, he organises and directs articles and policy papers, through which Politika seeks to advocate for young people's concerns, educate them on key issues, and engage them in politics. 

Israel Mason-Williams - Finance Director 

Israel Mason-Williams is a Computer Science student at Queen Mary’s University London, his main responsibilities are to oversee fundraising and expenditure of Politika.

Conor Hilliard - Communications Director 

Conor Hilliard is a recent graduate of King’s College London, having studied History and International Relations (BA) and specializing in Anglo-Irish diplomacy, the Northern Ireland Troubles, and the History of International Relations. His political interest was sparked by the 2014 Scottish independence referendum and grew into a burning passion during the 2016 referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union. From 2017 to 2021, he was a member of the Liberal Democrats. As a content writer for Politika since 2018, he has written on topics including U.S. politics, U.K. counterterrorism strategy, and the 2020 Irish general election. Since 2019, he has been Communications Director for Politika. 

Suli Scatchard – Diversity Director 

Suli Scatchard is the Diversity Director at Politika. She currently studies Geography at the University of Oxford where she is President of the Oxford Mixed Heritage Society- the first society of its kind in the UK offering a community for her mixed-race peers. Suli is enthusiastic about highlighting the need for representation within politics, writing regularly on identity politics and issues of marginalisation within global climate politics.  

Ross Gower - People Director 

Ross Gower is the people director of Politika. Being interested in politics and wanting to write about it in his free time, Ross joined Politika in 2018 and has since written numerous articles on a variety of topics such as EU policy and police racism. During his college years, Ross worked for his local MP, Sir David Amess, for his week's work experience, undertaking numerous tasks around his office and getting to see sittings in the House of Commons. He also recently joined his university's student newspaper society, Concrete, where he has written an article about the EU Common Agricultural Policy Reform. Ross's specific interests are in European Union politics and Global Political Economy. Ross is currently studying International Relations and Politics at the University of East Anglia.


Who are we? 

As the RADIX Youth Wing we aim to engage young people with politics through tangible output by providing a platform for Policy Papers, Opinion Articles and Events with the long-term mission of increasing youth voter turnout and electoral participation.

Collaboration, Pragmatism, Diversity and putting the opportunities of young people first 
For youth turnout in elections to match those of the oldest generation by providing a platform for young people to create political content and host pragmatic policy debate to stimulate positive ideas for change makers

We are a youth-led, cross-party non-profit organization to achieve a better world for young people by encouraging political engagement and change through policy


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