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Improving Citizenship Education event

Politika - Improving Citizenship Education event

In this video we discuss the Improving Citizenship Education paper, produced by Politika, the RADIX Big Tent Youth Wing, our panel of guests are:

- Lord Iain McNicol, former General Secretary of the Labour Party

- Matteo Bergamini, CEO of Shout Out UK, secretariat of the APPG for Political Literacy

- Jake Field-Gibson, Managing Director of Politika

- India Dillon, Politika Contributor

In this discussion, the broad implications of the paper are examined, with unique insight from the panel. The gap between theory and practice to result in better delivery of citizenship education is compared and contrasted. Ensuring young people can critically analyse information and be taught critical thinking skills at school is one of the first steps in ensuring the success of wider, impartial citizenship education and result in avoiding echo chambers.

We would like to thank Shoutout UK for their work in this area, and the work they do that makes such an amazing contribution to the field of citizenship education. We’d also like to thank RADIX Big Tent for supporting us, and all of the original authors of the paper, including Dave Olsen, Jacob Taylor, Cerys Bull, Thomas Dray. A final thank you to Lord McNicol for making time to take part in the discussion out of his busy schedule.

To find out more about the valuable work of the panelists please visit:

To engage further with politics find your local MP here:


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